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To Set The Record Straight is dedicated to the American veterans of the Vietnam War, who served with courage and honor.


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July 3, 2008
Press Release

December 5, 2007 Press Release

From Larry Bailey of Gathering of Eagles

June 1, 2009

6:20 pm Eastern:
Scott Swett will appear on the nationally syndicated Lars Larsen Show to discuss his new American Thinker article, Media still lying about the Swift Boat Veterans.

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Scott Swett on
"Fox and Friends"

Scott Swett created and managed the web sites and during the 2004 campaign, working closely with Swift boat veterans, former POWs and other Vietnam veterans to help bring their experiences to the public. began as a repository of information about the "war crimes" propaganda of John Kerry and the VVAW, but soon became a key communication center for the veterans' movement. After their unsuccessful May 2004 press conference, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth turned to Scott to rewrite their own web site and manage their online communications. He continued to work with the Swift Vets and with other veterans' groups, including the organizers of the September 2004 "Kerry Lied" rally in Washington and the producers of the POW documentary Stolen Honor, throughout the campaign.

Tim Ziegler is a former Marine Captain and tank platoon commander who understands what it means to serve his country in the Armed Forces. He has worked on a variety of grassroots political campaigns, coordinating press and media coverage, organizing events and helping groups and candidates present themselves more effectively to the media. As the host of several online radio shows, Tim has interviewed a wide variety of guests on topics ranging from politics and the media to literature. He handled media operations for during the 2004 campaign and interviewed key leaders of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth during research for this book.

Tim Ziegler